Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Walked through the Cheyenne Botanical Garden a few days ago. Saw these berries and grabbed a shot. Set the camera on -1 exposure compensation to get the correct exposure on the berries (in the sun) against the dark background.

Photo Studio update

The electrician was back to install most of the switches, outlets and bulbs today. Will be back after Labor Day to finish that part of the project. Painter is finished. Just need the tile work and final plumbing in the bath room and flooring. Guessing at two more weeks.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Think tank photographer

Watch this web-site (, my photo should be showing up soon.
My second wedding shooter caught a shot of me shooting the exit from the church at our last wedding.

Studio Status Report

The painter is almost done. As soon as he does his touch-up and rehangs the doors, the tile man can start on the bathroom. Then it will just be the electrician for the switchs and final work and the flooring. And we'll be in business.

Friday, August 1, 2008

New Computer

You never know when it is going to happen. My old Dell (2003 vintage) overheated and died. I did use a USB driven fan cooler pad under it most of the time. But upon disection, the little fan was designed to blow the air through a small 'radiator.' This was plugged up with a thick mat of dust! Would be easy enough to clean. Only one screw on the bottom and the fan lifts out. Then you can see the clump of dust.
The new computer is a HP 17" with dual core Turion X2 64. Of course it is also Vista. Have to learn the differences!
This did put me several days behind in processing the wedding pictures from last weekend, but this machine is so much faster, it will be a pleasure working on them.

Texturized walls

Dry wall is done. Texture applied today. Cleanup tomorrow. Then the painters. Moving right along.